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Chairman's Chat - May 2020

Dear Ringers,

As I sit here in my garden writing this, it seems hard to believe that I haven’t been further than the local shops for 2 months.!

I’m sure many of you have found different ways to keep yourselves occupied – crafts, gardening, reading, diy. Some of you, like me, will have adapted to working from home – although I have to admit that teaching music online brings considerable challenges and I am having to work far more hours than the ones I’m actually paid!! Hopefully you have found some musical activities to enjoy as well, and some of you have managed a little solo or duet ringing. If you have any videos – please do send them to me for our Facebook page!

You will be unsurprised to hear that we have decide to postpone both our July rally at Sanderstead and the Summer Soiree at Weybridge. The team organising the East Sussex rally have also take then decision to postpone the event. You will find attached some information about a possible October event – the East Kent Rally. At the moment, we are just asking for expression of interest, as we have no idea what things will look like by then. So please let Sue know if you might be interested in going.

As I begin to prepare for potentially some teaching in school and things are slowly starting to re-open, it will still be a while before we can ring together again. So until then - keep in touch with each other and stay safe.

Yours, Helen

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