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Chair's Chat October 2023

Dear Ringers,

Welcome to autumn! Summer seemed to stay for ages and then suddenly,

it’s gone. Since the last newsletter, we have had a number of events,

many of which have articles and photos in this edition. In July, we had

the popular Soiree hosted by St James’ Weybridge. I know someone was

writing an article about this, but it doesn’t seem to have made it into

this edition, so I’ll put a few photos in instead!

While some teams take a break over the summer, others continue

ringing – many have been hosting or attending Summer ‘Tea Together’

events – it is lovely to read about these. I know that some of you have

already organised Christmas Together events, and Martin has started

sending off music packs. Some ringers attended the National Residential

Ringing Week in Sheffield at the end of July. This was an extremely

enjoyable week and the concert performance at the end had the largest

audience we have seen for quite a while!

It was lovely to join St Marys Teddington for their Anniversary Rally. It

was a shame that so few teams were able to play solos. Some of us from

Wandle Ringers and Greywell joined together to form an impromptu

team, sightreading an arrangement. It was full of mistakes, but we did it

to show that this is not necessarily a ‘concert performance’, but simply a

chance to share a piece of music with fellow ringers. Many of us ring

pieces which we have heard another team ring at a rally – so it is clearly

worth it. Remember, there will always be ringers in the room happy to

stand in for missing team members, so always try and have something

which you could ring if asked!

The following weekend, Martin, Sandra and I travelled to Ropley for a

Begin to Ring day. It was extremely encouraging to see so many people

having a go at ringing, some for the very first time, and enjoying 3

themselves! I look forward to seeing how some of the teams and ringers

develop. I know some have Christmas performances planned, so hopefully

we will get to hear about these in our next newsletter. If anyone is

interested in hosting a Begin to Ring session, all you need to do is find a

venue and some interested people and we will help you with everything

else! Please do get in touch if you would like to host such an event.

And then last week, we hosted Ring Something Simple 3+ (the plus being

techniques and Christmas), where we had more than 80 ringers exploring

some simple repertoire and learning new techniques. Hopefully we will

have a full write up in the next newsletter. Something extremely

exciting happened on that day – there were a lot of non-ringers

attending, and so we had some forms to encourage them to join HRGB

and seventeen people did!! To those of you who joined, I hope you are

enjoying reading this; and if you know others in your team who didn’t

take up the offer on the day, please encourage them to join us too!

If you have read this far – well done! You will find along with this

newsletter the South East Region Bell Orchestra form – we are still

short of ringers, so if you are thinking about it, please get in touch with

Keith. I always say that you won’t know if you can do something or not if

you don’t even try, so why not join us for the audition day in November.

Also attached is the form for the Birthday Rally in January – this is

free for members, but get your form back quickly before all the places


Finally – could you let me know if you have signed up to attend the

National Rally next year in Derbyshire. We have been asked to provide a

team for the concert, and it would help the committee to know who is

already going! Thank you.


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