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Chair's Chat June 2023

Dear Ringers,

Firstly, my apologies that this newsletter has taken so long to be sent out to you. June turned out to be much busier than I had anticipated when we set the deadline, as I ended up on two different camping trips at school due to staff sickness, while still trying to juggle all the music rehearsals and events! Needless to say, I am very much looking forward to the end of term.

Since the last newsletter we have had a lovely rally hosted by Headcorn – for which we have not 1 or 2, but actually 3 write-ups. And a big thank you to Martin for the photos, as I was not able to be at this event. It is good to read that some ringers are attending events on their own and enjoying themselves. While it is always good to have full teams attending, there is always space for 1 or 2 from a team – sometimes, you can even get away without bringing foam or bells if the organiser can find you somewhere to ring! Likewise with solos or party pieces – don’t be afraid to ask whether there is anyone who can step in and help out. You are in a room full of ringers and I’m almost certain that at least one will be willing to sight read the music!

Some ringers and teams have also been stepping out of their comfort zones and trying out new things. It was lovely to see some new faces performing the South East Region Bell Orchestra for the first time this year (hopefully not for the last time). After many years rehearsing at St George’s, Tolworth, SERBO will have a new rehearsal home from November at North Camp Methodist Church, Farnborough. This will take a little getting used to for those of us who have been heading to Tolworth for many years but will be a perfect time to give SERBO a try. Full details of the November audition day will be out in September.

It was also nice to see some teams at Guildford for the first time this year. I thought you might like to see a during/after comparison. The first photo was taken from the back during the rehearsals and the second photo was taken at 5pm showing just how quickly everything can be put back and ready for the services the next day!

Why not push yourself out of your comfort zone and try something new in the Autumn? Full details of all events will be sent to team correspondents when available.



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