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Chair's Chat May 2024

Dear Ringers,

The last couple of months have given us highs and lows. In March we had our AGM rally where the theme of Transport provided lots of opportunities for both ringing and laughter (often at the same

time). April saw some of us travel to Swanick, Derbyshire, for the National Rally – a chance to ring and socialize with ringers from across the country. And May began with the South East Region Bell Orchestra concert, not in our usual venue of the Harlequin Theatre, but at North Camp Methodist Church – sharing our music with many who have never seen or heard handbells before, or have only seen or rung smaller sets of bells.

Sadly, in the weeks before the SERBO concert, we learnt of the death of Pauline Dover. Pauline was one of the first Honoured Members of the South East Region and led Sway Ringers for many years, remaining ringing with them once she stood down at their musical director. I’m sure a full obituary will be in our next newsletter, but here is a photo of her celebrating her 100th birthday back in 2018, with a handbell rally!

Looking forward, we have our Guildford Festival Service in June. We have very few full teams attending this year, which has provided a few challenges for the organising group. I hope that if you are not ringing you will be able to join us in the congregation.

The South East Region Bell Orchestra (SERBO) will be celebrating their 25th season next year and as well as holding their usual concert, will be hosting a number of events throughout the year, starting with a read and ring day in September for intermediate to advanced ringers. If you would like to be considered for ringing in SERBO in this special year, please do complete the form sent out with this newsletter (and available on our website). Copies will also be available at the Read and Ring Day in September.

SERBO in concert May 2024

If taking part in the SERBO 25 Read and Ring Day is too advanced for you,

then please consider joining us for Ring Something Simple 4 a couple of

weeks later. Our aim is to organize events which support all ringers in the

region, so if there is something else you would like, please let us know!

Keep Ringing!


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