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Chair's Chat December 2021

Dear Ringers,

Thank you to those that have sent in articles for this issue (and

photos) - it is lovely to hear that some teams are managing to have

Christmas Concerts and social events.

Some teams will go to any length to be able to perform – I have just

received this photo from Bishop’s Bells who went to entertain the

residents of a local nursing home. Despite the unusual attire and being

behind a screen, they were much appreciated, and the residents had a

good singalong with the carols.

At the end of October we held our postponed AGM – the minutes

from this are included in the newsletter – it was good to be able to

meet in person and talk about how we might get back to ringing as a

region. If you look at the diary, you will see that we are also starting

to tentatively plan for some small-scale events next year. We also

have a provisional date for a Handbell Festival Service at Guildford


If you or your team would like to host a few local teams for a ‘Back to

Ringing’ event, then please do contact myself or Sandra.

The first event in the diary for next year will be our 2022 AGM. If

you are interested in joining our committee and helping to get the

region back ringing again, please do complete a nomination form – or

contact one of the current committee for a chat about what is

involved. It would be great to have some new ringers on the

committee. You will also notice that we are looking to have a mini

massed ringing event following on from the AGM – if you are

interested, please do follow the instructions on the form!

If you are taking part in any events over Christmas, please do send us

a short write up and a photo or two – I’m sure everyone enjoys reading

what other teams are up to.

It just remains for me to wish you all a Happy Christmas and,

hopefully, a new year filled with ringing!


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