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Chair's Chat - April 2021

Dear Ringers,

Welcome to spring! I think the weather is having a bit of a

joke with us – the minute the rules change, and we can meet up

outside again, we have hail, snow and freezing temperatures!

Let’s hope we get some more spring-like weather very soon,

which will enable us to start meeting our friends, and maybe

even start outdoor ringing rehearsals in small groups! For

those not so intrepid, I hope you are keeping in touch with

your team via whatever method you prefer.

You will see an article about some online National activities

which are planned (dates in the diary). While these are not

the same as ringing together in person, for some they fill the

space between ringing and not ringing. If you would like us to

organise any regional online activities (either along similar

lines to the National events, or something completely

different) – please do let me know.

This morning I attended our National AGM on Zoom – it was

good to see a few representatives from our region on the

screen. I would like to draw your attention to couple of things

which were mentioned during the meeting. The first is that

Christine Reid, the National Secretary, is stepping down from

this role next year – if anyone is interested in taking on this

role, please do get in touch. The second that there are a

number of new National roles being set up – Publicity and

Marketing Officer, Education Officer, Membership

Development Officer, IT Strategy Officer, National

Safeguarding Officer. Again, if anyone in interested in

finding out more about any of these roles, then please do get

in touch.

Talking of AGMs – you may be wondering about our regional

AGM which would normally have taken place in March. At our

committee meeting, we took the decision to postpone this

rather than hold it electronically. You will see a provisional

date for this in the diary. The AGM will take place without a

rally – more details will follow nearer the time.

You will also see in the diary a few provisional dates for

events. If you would like to host something, maybe just for a

few local teams, please do get in touch. You will have seen in

your membership renewal letter (I hope you have all renewed

now!) that we will be running some free events when we get

back to ringing and we are proposing that we run a number of

smaller events across the region so that everyone who wants

to can access it.

As things start to open up and we can do more things, we can

but hope that this continues.

But until we can meet together again - stay safe.

Yours, Helen

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